Congratulations dancers on a wonderful 2019 recital!


Each year our season comes to an end with a large dance showcase. Our recital is in early June at South Lyon East High School. Costume deposits are due in fall. GDP costumes come complete with the tights and accessories, you supply the same dance shoes as your dancer wears for classes.When February roles along we have a parent meeting in class. You will receive a Recital Handbook at this meeting with all the details to get you through the season with ease. We have been doing this for 36 years now and we have a really good system. Ticket prices are reasonable, and the sale goes smooth each year. All the dancers of all ages are a part of the finale at the end of the show.Some additional touches GDP provides are trophies for all recital dancers. Three, Five, Ten And Fifteen Year students receive a special trophy award. All students receive a large yearbook with class photos and memories from the season.