Tuition Policies:

There is a $45.00 per family per year registration fee. This includes both dance and tumbling registration. Tuition is paid monthly on the 1st– 7th of each month. Dance Tuition is based on the total minutes per week each student dancers. The more you take the lower the cost per minute. Dancers studying 30 minutes pay $40.00 per month, 45 minutes is $44.00 per month. For serious dancers tuition is caped at $285.00 per month. The dance tuition ceiling does not cover tumbling or specialty classes. Tumbling classes are separate and follow the same scale. Call for solo, duet, trio or other special class rates. Special for brothers: Any students brother may enroll in an equivalent class on scholarship all year while his sibling is a GDP student. Late payments are subject to a $15.00 late fee. Returned check fee is $35.00. Following a returned check, all payments must be made by cash or credit card. To drop a class we must have written notice. All unused tuition will be refunded from the date of written notice. All costumes are an in full purchase. You must pay the balance, we do not refund costume deposits.


Selecting The Right Class For Your Dancer:

Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Tumbling, Ballet, Pointe, Tumbling Technique, Jazz Technique, Ballet Technique and Turns and Leaps.Age 2 1/2-3 1/2: At this age we suggest a recital class in Tap or Tap/Ballet Combo. The tap is a 30 minute class with one recital dance. The Combo is 45 minutes with one recital dance. Age 4-5: At this age the dancers should choose a Tap/Ballet or Tap/Jazz Combo that is 45 minutes in length with one recital dance. Some dancers are ready to choose (2) 30 minutes classes or the 1 hour Combo. These dancers will be in at least 2 dances in the recital.Ages 6 and up: Dancers this age should be in at least 2 subjects. Dancing at least 1 hour per week. Dancers hoping to proceed to a team class in the future should be taking the dance basics “Tap, Jazz or Hip Hop and Ballet”.Tumbling Vs Dance: Many student select to study both as they really complement each other. Tumbling classes work on skills like cartwheels, handstands, flips etc. This is a great choice for the boys. You can start to Tumble as early as age 4. It is never to late to start a Tumbling classes.

We are now accepting 2019 Summer registration!

The Elementary Level

Dance is excellent for elementary aged kids. They make friends, build skills and keep fit. GDP offers many options for students of this age. The one hour combo classes are a popular choice with parents of recreational dancers. This class is offered as a Tap/Jazz combo or a Tap/ Ballet combo. The dancers do 30 minutes of each subject and a recital dance for both subjects. GDP teachers select a 2 part costume to help keep the recital budget down. One subject classes are suggested for the serious student. These classes are 45 minutes or 1 hour in length. We suggest two subjects for the recreational dancer. GDP suggests Tap, Jazz and Ballet for dancers interested in making a novice team in the future. All dance classes are a part of the recital. We also offer technique classes for this age. These classes are skill development based and not in the recital. New students can come in a see the studio and meet the staff. Students with training from other schools can call to set up a personal evaluation to aid in class placement.


 Registration for our 2019/2020 season will begin Monday August 5, 2019 @ noon!

When completing online registration, fully complete  the check out process and  complete payment for September/June tuition and registration fee in order to guarantee your spot.  Unpaid balances will result in students being dropped from classes nightly.

Preschool Dance Lessons

Our preschool program is excellent. The classes are structured to get the dancers prepared for school and more advanced dance training. We will develop self-confidence as the dancers make achievements throughout the year. The classes will work on flexibility with basic stretches. Large and fine motor skills will be developed. We even work on eye-hand coordination. All lessons are set to age appropriate music. Props such as lummy sticks, hula hoops, bean bags and more are used to keep lessons fun and interesting for the young students. Our teachers work on skills that will benefit the dancers in school as well as dance. We learn to take turns, follow directions, count, memorize and work with others. Many preschool classes get the chance to perform at a mall or senior home sometime in the dance season. All classes enjoy the big recital as a finish to a great season.We suggest a 30 minute tap or ballet class for 1st time dancers age 2 1/2 or 3.We suggest a 45 minute combo of tap/ballet or tap/jazz for students age 3 –5. Some dancers are ready for the 1 hour combo class by age 5 if they have past experience with dance.Call with any questions you have and our staff will be happy to help you find a good class.

Class Types Offered

Recital Classes:

These classes perform in our annual June recital. Both recreational and competition students love this opportunity. Dance skills are developed in this type of class. The students also learn to pick up choreography and how to perform.

Technique Classes:

These classes focus on developing new skills and improving current skills. All class time is spent on technique. These classes are not a part of the recital, they do not purchase costumes or work on choreography.​

Team Classes:

These classes are put together by audition or invitation only. They participate in the recital. Team classes compete in local and national events. They do in studio workshops, attend team building camps as well as attend local and national training workshops. GDP offers 3 levels of team classes. Novice teams work under 3 hours a week with 1 or 2 extra events a year. Line teams train more and do move events. Our Elite teams are for dancers who really love dance, this is usually their main focus. Elite dancers participate in many different events each season.

Solos, Duets and Trio Classes:

These classes are offered for recital participation or competition or just to improve your technique. These classes must be scheduled with the studio director.